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The company possesses significant technical training and excellent expertise acquired through the implementation of hundreds of high-standard projects throughout Crete.

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Architecture study

Our engineering team, in collaboration with our architectural team, make sure that in every project we undertake, we have a perfect ergonomic result, with maximum energy savings.

We choose modern equipment for heating, cooling, air conditioning and their functionality.

We use building materials, of impeccable aesthetics, in order to ensure high energy efficiency in the building shell.

  • 01. Perfect ergonomic result
  • 02. Maximum energy savings
Supervision & execution of tasks

Experienced teams of engineers are ready to implement any design and any construction challenge, with many years of experience in the field. Combined with our fully qualified workshops, they will give a unique construction result.

  • 01. Experienced engineering teams
  • 02. Fully qualified workshops

Our company, reaching 30 years in the construction sector, has sales of apartments and houses. For more information you can visit us at our offices.

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